You get what you negotiate

Chester Karrass Quote - In business as in life you dont get what you deserve you get what you negotiate

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Chester L Karrass

How can you and I possibly use this?

 Of all the business skills needed by a leader, that of negotiating is one which will pay dividends over and over again. I went on a Chet Karrass negotiating course in 1986 and it must have shown one of the best Returns on Investment anyone ever spent on “training”.  I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember it wasn’t cheap. Worth every penny! How do I know it was 1986? I am working with a client at the moment and the subject of negotiation came up. I went to my bookshelf and picked off the two Chet Karrass books. In the front, I had written my name and the date I bought the books, as I mostly do when I buy a book.

All day every day

All day, every day, we are all negotiating with each other. Building on the superb foundations of an excellent course, I learnt from the early days to leave myself room to negotiate, to give concessions slowly, bit by bit. I realised that “splitting the difference” is a cheap trick used by thug buyers and not to be accepted. I learnt that a win-win is by far the best outcome for anything other than a one-off deal.

Proper Preparation

I know, now more than ever, that my negotiations are vastly improved by “proper preparation and planning” – which “prevents pretty poor performance”.  the 7 “p”s of negotiation.

So many of these things are basic, simple to learn and easy to apply and they are remarkably absent from many managers’ and leaders’ toolkits.

I am very pleased to see the Karrass organisation is thriving and I have recommended to my client that they review whether to send some of their people on a negotiating course. This has driven me to read some of the Karrass web site. I suggest you pop over there and have a look at it. Some excellent free stuff.

I take the very unusual step of putting an external link into this article . Just for clarity, I do not have an affiliate relationship with the Karrass organisation. I am not writing this article to make any money from anyone. It is  a way to say thank you to Chet Karrass for a fantastic contribution to my business and personal life over the last 26 years – with the expectation that this will continue over the next years.

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